Graphic Design Services for Bloggers

Hello and thanks for visiting my graphic design blog. Not only do I blog at Grow a Good Life, but I am also an independent graphic designer, I offer over 20 years of graphic design experience in logo development and identity design, and marketing literature such as brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters, magazine and newspaper ads, and flyers.

You can learn more about me here and see examples of my work in my portfolio.

As a blogger, I understand what it takes to develop imagery to help define your personal brand.

Developing Your Personal Brand

Blogging is more than just carefully crafted words and photographs; it is also about developing your personal brand. Your personal brand is defined by who you are, what your blog is about, and how much your readers respect, trust, and admire you and what you have to say. Words are important. So are the graphical elements that represent you.

Using social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.) helps increase your visibility by interacting and sharing your knowledge and experience. As you interact, you are communicating your personal brand. Over time you will build respect and trust as people develop conclusions about who you are. This will drive them to your blog to learn more about you. If your personal brand is consistent, they will become loyal readers.

Keep Your Branding Consistent

Your personal brand is a visual representation of you. By choosing headers, fonts, and colors for your blog you are setting up a visual concept for your readers to associate with. It is important to make sure your logo, color scheme, fonts and graphics are consistent so that your readers can recognize you on different social media networks.

A quality and consistent visual identity of your personal brand will keep you unified across the social web. This means that people will recognize and remember you.

Need a Hand With Your Brand?

Are you in need of a logo or web banner? How about a photo collage to pin on Pinterest or a Facebook cover page? I can help with your graphic design needs such as:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Web Banners
  • Photo Collages
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Ebook Covers
  • And More!

Please contact me at for more information and pricing!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Vector Art Conversion for Promotional Products, Embroidery, and Screen Printing Distributors

When your customer asks: “Can you grab my logo from my website?” Wouldn’t you like to say “YES!”

You receive bad art from your customers every day, it’s pixelated, in the wrong format, low resolution, and completely unusable. Getting it cleaned up takes time. Your customers are always in a hurry and they don’t understand why their full color 72 dpi web image won’t work for 2-color screen print on a t-shirt.

Example of scanned artwork to vector file.

Make it easy for your customers and yourself. Send it to me and I will redraw your scans, gifs, logos, jpegs and sketches into high quality vector files suitable for printing, engraving, embroidery, debossing, screen printing and other purposes.

Photograph to vector artwork

Example of a photograph to vector file.

I offer 10 years of extensive experience with creating and preparing vector artwork for embroidery, silk screening, printing, and promotional items. This includes vector art conversions, preparing color separations, creating mockups/virtuals for proofing, and adjusting artwork so that it can be embroidered legibly while maintaining the integrity of the logo.

Example of hand draw artwork to vector file suitable for screen printing.

I love this type of work and no project is too small. My goal is to make the artwork process simple so you can concentrate on sales. More examples of vector file conversion can be viewed here.

Get in touch to get started.

Catalog Design for Promotional Products, Embroidery, and Screen Printing Distributors

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a printed catalog customized with the products you would like to focus your sales on?

“Do you have a catalog?” It is one the most frequent questions that potential clients ask. Sure, most suppliers provide catalogs with your personal imprint on them, but what if you want to sell products from several different suppliers? Do you present your client with 5-6 different catalogs?

I can design a personalized print catalog for your company with the products you want to sell. Not just a cover with your logo on it, the entire catalog can be developed with specific items that you want to offer along with a unique cover with your logo and contact information.

I am an independent graphic designer with over 20 years experience and 11 years specifically in the promotional products industry, I offer my knowledge in creating catalogs specifically for embroidery and promotional products companies on a budget and unable to invest in an entire photo shoot for their catalogs (although I can arrange this as well).

Most of your suppliers are more than happy to provide you with print quality professional photography to use in promoting your business as long as you are purchasing their products. I can coordinate with your supplier for the imagery and use your copy and pricing, or even help develop copy if needed.

Below are some examples of catalogs I have designed using a combination of supplier photography:

Catalog Cover Examples

Unique catalog cover with your logo or masthead and contact information. These Catalog cover examples designed using photography from Sanmar, Fame, and Blue Generation.


Wovens ready for customized embroidery designs

Catalog page spread of dress shirts ready for customized embroidery designs. This page spread example is designed with photography from Sanmar.


Hats and Promotional item pages

Various promotional products from several different suppliers can be combined on a page. Example pages are designed using photography from various vendors including Sanmar, Bulletline, and NES/Broder/Alpha.


A rainbow of t-shirts presenting a canvas of possibility for unique screen printed designs

Catalog page spread with a rainbow of t-shirts presenting a canvas of possibility for unique screen printed designs. Example is designed using photography from SanMar.

Catalogs are a great sales tool for showcasing the products and services of your business. Customers tend to keep it around to refer back to for ideas when making their marketing decisions. Below are some catalog uses:

• Add to a shipping box
• Hand out at networking meetings
• Leave behind after visit
• Give out at events
• Direct-mail piece

Your customer will be impressed by your professional-looking catalog and can easily flip through for ideas.

A quality, well-printed catalog is a representation of your company and the first impression many potential clients will have of your company. In addition, a quality printed catalog will draw new clients to your business.

Your catalog needs to present a professional and reliable image of your company and the products you represent. Catalog shoppers can’t see your products firsthand, so they base their trust on what they can feel and see while shopping your catalog. The quality of the design, photography, and printing communicates the integrity of the products and the credibility of the brand. Which ultimately, has the greatest impact on sales.

Catalog design should provide a careful and well-thought-out job of presenting your products and services. It is important to develop recognizable spreads, typographical elements, and imaging to create a consistent design associated with your catalog or company.

It’s a delicate balance that only a professional designer can provide. I have ten years of catalog design experience and put that into every catalog I create. I will custom craft a beautiful and effective catalog with just the right style for your company.

Are you ready? Contact me to get started.