Vector Art Conversion for Promotional Products, Embroidery, and Screen Printing Distributors

When your customer asks: “Can you grab my logo from my website?” Wouldn’t you like to say “YES!”

You receive bad art from your customers every day, it’s pixelated, in the wrong format, low resolution, and completely unusable. Getting it cleaned up takes time. Your customers are always in a hurry and they don’t understand why their full color 72 dpi web image won’t work for 2-color screen print on a t-shirt.

Example of scanned artwork to vector file.

Make it easy for your customers and yourself. Send it to me and I will redraw your scans, gifs, logos, jpegs and sketches into high quality vector files suitable for printing, engraving, embroidery, debossing, screen printing and other purposes.

Photograph to vector artwork

Example of a photograph to vector file.

I offer 10 years of extensive experience with creating and preparing vector artwork for embroidery, silk screening, printing, and promotional items. This includes vector art conversions, preparing color separations, creating mockups/virtuals for proofing, and adjusting artwork so that it can be embroidered legibly while maintaining the integrity of the logo.

Example of hand draw artwork to vector file suitable for screen printing.

I love this type of work and no project is too small. My goal is to make the artwork process simple so you can concentrate on sales. More examples of vector file conversion can be viewed here.

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